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Green From The Start

There is quite a bit of emphasis on going green, both personally and in business. As a customer at Eastern Self Storage in West Palm Beach, Florida, you will be happy to know that we designed the facility to be green, right from the start. I’m not just talking about our green roof (even though it, too, is green)!

green eastern self storage florida

Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning systems are connected to FPL’s “On Call” system, which allows the power company to manage the overall power load on the grid and has allowed them to avoid building additional power generating plants to meet potential demand.

Further, as a customer, you can choose whether or not you need your belongings to be stored in air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned space. We suggest air-conditioned space for furniture, electronics, and other moisture-sensitive items. In short, anything you would keep indoors should be put in our air-conditioned space. Building products and outdoor furniture do well in non-air-conditioned space.

Energy Usage

Our facility takes advantage of several energy-saving features:

  • Motion-sensitive lighting in very-low traffic areas
  • Manual timer switches for lighting medium-traffic hallways
  • Automatic timer switches for exterior lighting
  • Full roof insulation to reduce energy loss
  • We use all-electric golf cars


We participate in several recycling programs:

  • Florescent bulbs
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Paper

Other Green Features

We use well-water for irrigation. This saves several steps in the water treatment process. Our irrigation water is treated only for rust-prevention. It does not be prepared for drinking purposes, such as would be required for the city water used in the rest of our buildings.

We are constantly looking for ways to be more green. In the cases where energy is being saved, money is being saved as well. This extra incentive keeps us on the lookout for more ways to be green.

Most of the features listed above were in the original design for Eastern Self Storage. We are happy to be green from the beginning. So when you see our green roof, please remember that everything under the roof is green, too!

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