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Renting a Moving Truck in West Palm Beach?

Moving Trucks in General

First, if you are renting a moving truck, you should know several things about the rental companies involved. I can speak about Budget Trucks, because we have first-hand experience with them. We see how they are maintained, how they are serviced when a problem is detected, and how care is taken to put safe trucks back on the road as quickly as possible.

Budget Truck Rental is the second largest  consumer truck rental company in the United States. With over 2,800 locations, you will find a Budget dealer near to you. With a clean well-maintained fleet, you will get a great truck, and your move will go smoother.

Eastern Self Storage in Particular

At Eastern Self Storage, we strive to be the very best Budget Truck Rental dealer in South Florida. We know that you don’t like waiting in line to rent a moving truck, so we make sure that we have adequate staff in place on our busiest days. When you are moving, we know that you’ve arranged for friends to give up free time to help you, you have limited daylight hours, and you need all the details to come together like clockwork. We keep all of this in mind and prepare your contract in advance of your arrival so you won’t have to stand around waiting for paperwork.

We do our best to bring the moving truck right up to the front of our office so you can drive off to your place in record time. Your truck will be clean, filled with fuel, and ready to go!

Just the Trucks

We rent only trucks at our location. At Eastern Self Storage, you won’t have to wait in line with people renting cars. How does this help you? Well, since we specialize in truck rentals, we have streamlined the process so that you don’t have to wait for us to switch gears. We are ready with your rental contract and keys, so we will have you in your truck faster than any other location any where near here!

Call Us Today at 561-697-3282

We are happy to help you over the phone. But if you prefer to reserve your Budget Rental Truck online, please do the following:

  1. Visit Budget Truck Rental at
  2. Enter ZIP Code 33407.
  3. Choose Eastern Self Storage.

Complete your reservation. It will be in our system automatically, and we will have the truck waiting for your arrival. You will be glad you chose us.

Did I mention that you won’t wait in a long line? 🙂

A new payment portal will be available on September 1st.