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Sell Your House Fast!

Does your house look like an episode of HGTV Canada’s “Unsellables”? (See Do you want to prepare your house for a quick sale? Eastern Self Storage can help you do just that.

How can self storage help you sell your house faster? If you watch any TV show that covers the topic of selling your house faster, you will notice a recurring theme: de-cluttering.

The idea is that if your house has less of the stuff of normal life, potential buyers can better picture their stuff in your house and will want to buy it. They won’t be distracted by the idea of removing your stuff, instead, they will focus on where their things will go. And with less stuff, the rooms look larger than they really are.

That’s where a trip to Eastern Self Storage can help. It’s really as simple as one-two-three:

  1. Rent a Budget Truck.
  2. Take half your stuff to Eastern Self Storage and store it.
  3. Bring the truck to the front office for a quick return.

Okay, that was a little over-simplified, but it doesn’t really get much more complicated than that. If you remove the clutter from your house before marketing it, you will leave the impression that your house is an oasis, a place of peace where the buyer can enjoy life.

We can help you put potential buyers in the right frame of mind to buy your house, and not the one down the street! Come in to Eastern Self Storage and get ready to sell your house fast!

A new payment portal will be available on September 1st.