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Boxes of All Sizes

Whether you need shipping boxes, moving boxes or packing boxes, our great selection of box sizes will make sure you get just the right box for your needs. We can help you decide how many boxes you will need for your move.



Return Unused Boxes to Us!

We do not want you to get packing and find out that you didn't buy enough boxes to finish the job. We will gladly buy back any unused boxes. Please ask about the details when you make your box purchase!

Size Length Width Height
SMALL BOX 16" 13" 12 3/4"
MEDIUM BOX 18 1/8" 18" 16"
LARGE BOX 24" 18" 18"
EXTRA LARGE BOX 24" 18" 24"
MIRROR BOX 37" 4" 30 1/2"
LAMP BOX 11 3/4" 11 1/2" 48"
WARDROBE 21" 24" 46"
DISH PACK 18" 18" 28"

Our Products

Whether you’re looking to pack, move or store your belongings, we have the supplies you need!

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